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Birthday party

Celebrate your kids' party at Boulderhal de Campus!
Are you looking for a unique, adventurous birthday party? You've come to the right place. Our instructors will introduce your little monkeys to this wonderful, creative sport by playing games on and around the boulders. After the climbing session, they'll be treated to chips and a refreshing glass of lemonade.


A kid's birthday party normally takes about 1.5 hours, including climbing and catering. Birthday parties are only offered at fixed times:
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday: not available
Wednesday and Friday: between 13:00 and 17:00
Saturday: not available
Sunday: not available


Birthday parties are offered for children age 10 and older, but we have a large play-area for young siblings who aren't old enough to participate. We reserve parties for a minimum of 6, and a maximum of 10 children.

What will I need?

Comfortable clothing and indoor sport shoes are all you'll need!


€17,50 per child. This includes one hour of bouldering activities supervised by an instructor (one hour is usually the limit for most young, first-time climbers). It also includes chips and lemonade. For an additional €5,- per child we serve pizza margherita instead of chips.

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