Bouldering for groups

Kids Party

Celebrate your kids party at Boulderhal De Campus! Looking for a creative, adventurous party for kids, then this is the place to be. Supervised by an instructor, the little climbers are introduced to bouldering through games played on and around the boulders. After the climbing session, they're treated with chips and a refreshing glass of lemonade. For more information contact [email protected]

  • We offer kids parties for children aged 7 and older. There is a big play corner for the younger brothers or sisters.
  • What do you need? Flexible clothing and sports shoes used indoors is enough to start bouldering.
  • Costs: €17,50 per child. This includes one hour of bouldering activities, supervised by an instructor (one hour is on average the maximum time children can boulder until getting exhausted), also it includes chips and lemonade. For an additional  €5,- per child we serve pizza Margherita instead of chips.
  • The minimum amount of participants is 6, the maximum is 10.
  • Kids parties are only offered at fixed times, that is Wednesday and Friday afternoon.
  • Kids parties are required to arrive and depart as a group.

Prices for groups:

  24 years and older 18 to 24 years 12 to 18 years  
1 to 10 persons €10,50 €9,50 €8,-  
10 to 25 persons €9,50 €8,50 €7,20  
25 to 50 persons €8,90 €8,- €6,80  
50 persons or more €8,50 €7,60 €6,50  
Rental shoes €3,50 pp      
Instructor €35,-      

Groups of 6 or more are required to be supervised by an instructor (except for groups with climbing experience). The intro takes roughly one hour, after which the group is free to boulder independently. One instructor can supervise a maximum of 15 people. Booking multiple instructors is no problem. For more information contact [email protected]

Bouldering for schools

We offer special bouldering courses for primary schools, high schools, MBO and HBO schools. During these courses, the bouldering level, age of the students, and the wishes of the school are taken into account. Bouldering is a creative and accessible sport; after a short introduction, the students can start right away under the supervision of one of our instructors and their own physical education teacher. These courses are only offered outside opening hours. For schools the following prices are applicable:

  All ages
1 to 10 students €6,30
10 to 25 students €5,50
25 to 50 students


50 students or more €4,40
Instructor €20
Rental shoes €2,- pp

For more information contact [email protected]

conference room rental

We rent out space of 110m2, suitable for different purposes; presentations, meetings, workshops, yoga and more. For more information contact [email protected]