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Corona Virus at the Campus

We take the Coronavirus situation serious. As the Campus we will take precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. In this, we follow RIVM and Dutch government guidelines. We ask for your cooperation in this.

  • Please do not come to boulder if you show any symptoms, no matter how mild. This includes a runny nose, sneezing, sore throat or a slight cough.
  • Do not come bouldering for a minimum of 2 weeks if you have been in any of the high-risk areas domestic or abroad. Or if you have had contact with an infected person.
  • We prefer pin only.
  • Wash your hands before, during and after thoroughly. Especially with toilet breaks or if you eat something.
  • Avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth during bouldering.
  • If you do sneeze, do so in your sleeve.

Some things we have changed:
- 100 people in the gym maximum.
- No rental chalk
- Paper disposable towels in the toilet.

For further updates check this website and our social media.