What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is a variation of rock climbing. Boulderers puzzle their way up the wall following a colour-coded route, also called a “boulder” or a “problem”. After reaching the end, at a maximum height of 4.5 meters, climbers can safely jump back down on a thick crash-mat. Boulderers are therefore not required to use a climbing rope or harness, which is what makes it such an accessible sport. The only thing a boulderer needs is comfortable sport attire, and some climbing shoes. For any newcomer, the Campus offers shoe rentals; otherwise a pair of clean sneakers will do the job for most novice routes.


Bouldering has been referred to as the “sprint” of the climbing world due to its concise routes. All the intensity and effort “regular” climbing is known for is condensed into a mere few movements where precision is key. This short-and-sweet element of this sport is what can make it so spectacular. Dynamic movements – which sometimes even lead to impressive jumps – are combined with static routes demanding control and precision. Strength, technique, agility, and analytic ability are put to the test in this uniquely creative sport. Our bouldergym is the largest in the Netherlands, and with its many diverse routes it offers everyone -from novice to pro - an exciting challenge!

Brain Food

Every boulder is unique; different holds, different routes, and different techniques ensure there is never a shortage of diverse challenges. Finding a workable solution can mean the difference between an exhausting scramble, and an elegant climb. This is why teamwork is so important; our bouldergym values this collaborative environment where solving problems is a community effort. Two minds are better than one!

Community spirit is not the only thing bouldering is good for; strength training is at the heart of the sport. Arms, shoulders and your core are especially essential in slopes and overhangs. Similar to CrossFit, bouldering emphasizes and trains ‘functional’ strength, and thereby contributes to a fit and healthy body without the monotony of regular fitness.


For those who want to try it out, the Campus offers a free introduction lesson (included in the regular entry fee) which provides a solid foundation that you can practice and perfect independently after the intro. The lessons run on Wednesdays at 19:30, Saturdays at 14:00 and Sundays at 12:00. Hectic schedule? Don’t worry! If these dates don’t suit you, feel free to drop by on your own time; there will always be someone available to give you a brief rundown of the essentials.

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