What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is a relatively new sport, this dynamic and spectacular discipline of climbing is verry accessable. bouldering is done on short walls up to 4 meters, and is often called the sprint amoung climbing. You don't need a rope or a harness, a thick mat underneath the walls makes for a soft landing. Power, thechnique, dynamics and soupleness are trained in a creative motivating way. Bouldering is a full bodey work-out and therefore a cool alternative to the gym.
It is also a very social sport, the problem solving aspect of bouldering creates easy inetraction amoung boulderers on how to solve a boulder ''problem''. It is therefore an easy way to meet other people.

Accessable Sport

Bouldergym the Campus in the Hague has boulder problems of every level, from beginner to advanced, everyone can find their own challange. Even for kids we have special boulders. After a short introduction on the rules you can start climbing right away. You don't even need a climbing partner.
Bouldering for kids is possible from the age of 7 under supervision of an adult. Kids from 7 to 13 can climb on their own. We also have a cool playgrpound for the youngest kids.

First time bouldering?

Is it your first time? Bouldergym the campus organises free introduction lessons to help you on your way. During one of these half hour lessons you will learn the basisc of bouldering, where to start, what thechnique to use and of cours how to fall. After this half hour you are free to continue climbing on your own. Note; the instruction is free, but you do pay entrance to the gym.
An introduction lesson is not mandatory, you can also come by and, after a short instruction of the rules, try the boulderproblems on your own.

Introduction lessons are at the following days an times:
-wednessdays and thirsdays at 19.00
-Saturdays and sundays at 14.00