Training & Courses

Start to boulder

Do you want to get started? Start to boulder is the way to go. In this course you will learn what bouldering is and where to start,  you'll learn the propper way to fall and to climb injury free, also some basic climbing techniques will be taught. The course  consists of 3 lessons of 2 hours.

-1 month unlimited access to the boulder gym, starting from the first day of the course
-free rental shoes during the course.


Start of the next course:
th1 of february 19:00


Yoga for climbers

De Campus is introducing Yoga for climbers by Yoga with Peggy. This is a 5 lesson course focuses on improving your climbing ability, using flexibility, power, balance and breathing. The lessons are 30 min, and make for a perfect warmup for a bouldering session afterwords.

Price: €25,- for 5 lessons of 30 minutes. €6,- for one single lesson. (incl. yoga mat)

Basic thursday om 20:15 Flow thursday om 19:30
3 jan t/m 31 jan 3 jan t/m 31 jan
7 feb t/m 7 mrt 7 feb t/m 7 mrt
14 mrt t/m 11 apr 14 mrt t/m 11 apr
18 apr t/m 23 may 18 apr t/m 23 may
6 jun t/m 4 jul

6 jun t/m 4 jul


Boulder technique course

This training consists of three, 2 hour lessons and focuses on the basics of bouldering. Some of the practiced techniques are: balance, dynamics and facing your fear of falling. You can subscribe at the bar or by clicking subscribe.
Required bouldering level: This course can be attended by everyone.
Price: €50,- (excl entrance fee)
Starting date of the cource:
-Saturday 12 Januari 14:00


Boulder advanced

This cource consists of three, 2 hour lessons and focuses on techniques that become essential at the level of 5c and harder. Among other techniques, these include foot placement, dead-points and improving your problem solving capabilities. You can subscribe at the bar or by sending an e-mail at
Required bouldering level: 5c
Price: €50,- (excl entrance fee)


Personal training

Getting stuck at your current boulder level? Personal training might offer the solution to a breakthrough. During a personally customized training you will target your weaknesses and raise your bouldering to the next level. Supervised by our highly experienced trainers you will definitely get fit!
Costs: €45,- per hour. (excl entrance fee)