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Boulder Circuit training

Start your weekend off strong with our Boulder Bootcamp! This intense combination of bouldering exercises and general training will be sure to boost your fitness level.

Price: €7,50 excluding regular entry fee, €5,- with a membership
Every Saturday: 11:00 – 12:00
Sign up for this training, the training gets canceled if there are not enough participants.

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Boulder Basics Training

Are you looking for an engaging way to become a strong climber? Boulder Basics is a fun, boulder-specific training where play and sport combine to form a motivating and informative session. Learn new skills, develop a deeper understanding of different routes, and (most importantly) meet new boulder enthusiasts to enjoy this spectacular sport with!

Price: €7,50 excluding regular entry fee, €5,- with a membership
Every Wednesday: 20:00 – 21:00

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Boulder Advanced Training

Are you ready to try your hand at challenging boulders? Then this is the training for you! Our skilled and dedicated trainer will help guide and motivate climbers in both the techniques required to climb challenging routes, and the strength and endurance needed to push the limits of their climbing abilities.

Every Tuesday at and Thirsday at 19:00
Bouldering level required: 5c
Price: €7,50 excluding regular entry fee, €5,- with a membership

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Strength Training

Deadlifts, squats, and bench-presses provide the basics of strength training. Our deeply enthusiastic and motivating trainer will structure every training around different skill sets while emphasizing proper form and injury prevention.

Price: €7,50 excluding regular entry fee, €5,- with a membership
Every Thursday: 20:00 – 21:00
Sign up for this training, the training gets canceled if there are not enough participants.

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Personal training

Are you stuck at a level that you can’t seem to move past? Personal training might offer the breakthrough you need! During a personally customized training session you and your coach will target specific weaknesses, practice certain skills, and use your personal strengths to boost your boulder skill set, and add to your workout routine. Our highly experienced trainers will help give you the boost you need!  
We offer two personal training options

Personal Training:

Our trainers will evaluate your climbing abilities and respond with a custom-tailored training session targeted at your personal strengths and weaknesses. This includes insights into both physical strength and proper climbing technique.
Price: €30,- per hour with a maximum of 3 participants.

Advanced Personal Training:

Our most advanced trainers; Frank Loeve, and the multi-time winner of the Dutch National Championships, Nikki van Bergen will analyze your climbing abilities and suggest a training regimen specifically catered to your personal climbing goals.
Price: €45,- per hour with a maximum of 3 participants.

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Start to Boulder

Are you a new boulder-enthusiast and want to set off on the right foot? Start to Boulder is the way to go! In this course you will learn the essentials of bouldering, and build the foundation you need to progress as a climber. Basic techniques will be taught by one of our talented trainers, alongside safe climbing practices.

This course includes:

  • 3 lessons - 2 hours each.
  • 1 month unlimited access to the boulder gym, starting on the first day of the course
  • free shoe rentals for the duration of the course.


Course start-dates:
-Monday 13th of January 20:00
-Wednesday 4th of march 20:00
-Friday 8th of may 20:00

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Technique Course

This course consists of three, 2 hour lessons and focuses on techniques that are essential at level 5c and above. Some of the techniques covered include foot placement, dead-points and training analytic abilities. mental and physical strength are equally necessary to climb technically demanding routes! You can sign up at the bar or by clicking on the link bellow. (If the group exceeds five people we can schedule an extra course for the month).

Required bouldering level: 5c
Price: €50,- (excl entrance fee)
Next course: -January the 12th at 13:00

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